Jill's Books

Jill St. James Mishkan Scribe

I'm Born AgainNow what?

​Jill's non-fiction booklet encourages new believers in their walk of faith by giving fundamental Scriptural truths to help them become like Messiah Jesus. It is the foundation of the Discipleship Training curriculum that she teaches from and lives by.

Made For Love (remake of Jill's novel, God's Love)

Journey through the amazing life of award winning Gospel singer, Jordan Alexanderfrom her childhood of neglect, to the devastating trials which ultimately lead her to the Lord. Meet the unforgettable people who keep her grounded in faith: Mama Rosa is the angel who loved Jordan when no one else would; Sassy Sasha, her best friend, learns forgiveness while helping a drug addicted family member; Handsome R&B crooner, Blake Masters tries to win Jordan's heart, but his vindictive ex-wife sets the wheels in motion to sabotage the relationship; Jordan's diva socialite mother, Vivian, faces demons from her past that threaten to destroy her family. Through the laughter and the tears, secrets emerge that challenge Jordan's faith, and causes her to question if she's really made for love.